On April 9 2021, FIMAC celebrates a milestone that we’re particularly proud of: we turn 100 today!

FIMAC was officially founded on April 9 1921 and since then we have come a long way.


We started as a small company based in Milan, producing compressed air machines. In fact, FIMAC’s name comes from the acronym for Fabbrica italiana macchine aria compressa, although in its early days it was called "FITAC", Fabbrica italiana trapani aria compressa.

Since the 1960s, we expanded to air turbines and hydraulic equipment, grew in size and eventually moved to the suburbs, in Senago, in the 1980s.

FIMAC has participated in several high-profile military programs, including the F104, the Panavia Tornado and the Eurofighter Typhoon. In the past few years, we have expanded to civilian commercial market, focusing on environmental control systems.

We are a family-owned business, owned and managed by the same family for four generations (and with the fifth generation now involved).

As of today, we are still expanding our business. The Covid-19 pandemic, that has unfortunately hit so many businesses across the world, hasn’t stopped FIMAC from finding new customers and developing new programs, and this is something that makes us feel both proud and grateful. A special thanks to all the FIMAC partners and employees who have made this possible!


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FIMAC S.p.A. is now approved according to the EASA Part 21 - Subpart G.


Fimac will be present at MAKS 2017 in Moscow from 18 to 23 July 2017.

We wait for your visit in our Booth

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Fimac will be present at the International Paris Air Show in Le Bourget from 19 to 25 June 2017.

We wait for your visit in the Hall 6, Booth A-28.


The new FIMAC website is on line.

Completely renewed, both in contents and graphics, the new FIMAC website provides a complete overview over FIMAC’s world: history, capabilities and products.

We enter the 96th year of our successful business life. We are proud of our history, but this doesn’t mean that we are not looking forward, to the future.

Let's have a look!