FIMAC S.p.A. workshop is specialized in the manufacturing of mechanical parts using CNC machines for ensuring the repeatability of the parts. Manufacturing processes and CNC programs are designed and realized by a dedicated Manufacturing Engineering Office.

CNC machines guarantee the required accuracy in order to meet the requirements of the Aerospace Industry. The machine group includes turning machines, 3-4-5 axis milling and drilling machines, cylindrical grinding machines, EDM and lapping.

Traditional turning and milling machines are maintained in order to produce small series prototypes.

FIMAC S.p.A. has the capability to work with a large selection of materials:

  • Aluminum and its alloys (in Aerospace grade)
  • Titanium
  • Special and stainless steel
  • Brass, Copper, Bronze
  • Polymers

The production is flexible enough to manage batches of medium (100-500) and even small (10-20) quantities of parts. Large batches can reach up to 5.000 pieces.