Good suppliers are important to any business. They have the responsibility to supply us with the correct quality parts at the right time.
But, since we are in partnership with our suppliers, we also have responsibilities to them. Unfortunately, in Italy, payment on time has not been regular. Often, unaccountable delays in payments to suppliers, which can mean delays of many, many months, have knock-on effects to industry, as a whole.

FIMAC have always operated in an ethical, efficient and transparent way to this problem and is pleased to announce that we have signed up to a new initiative, set up by Confindustria and Assolombarda.

This is the CPR (Payment Management Code). It’s aims are to ensure every business in Italy conforms to ethical, efficient and transparent payment methods. Notably, these are to: – Respect the timing and method of payment to suppliers, as agreed between the parties, initially. – Operate transparently with suppliers. Transactions are reviewed by the Offciers who administer the CPR to ensure that the customer maintains this “good behaviour”.