It is the firm will of the CEO of FIMAC SpA to:


demonstrate the company's ability to regularly provide products and services that satisfy both customer requirements and compliance obligations with applicable regulatory requirements;


increase customer satisfaction and all other interested parties (stakeholders) through the application of an effective Integrated Management System.

To this end, the CEO invites and urges all staff to:


the needs and expectations of the interested parties are understood, achieving their full satisfaction through the supply of products compliant with the required and binding characteristics, expressed and otherwise (on quality), within the expected times (on time);


leadership is consolidated, through the involvement, motivation and empowerment of human resources, in order to pursue shared objectives, disclosed and accepted as achievable and stimulating;


the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System is pursued, through the constant improvement of processes, both internal and external, in synergy with customers, suppliers and other interested parties;


the health and safety of employees, external collaborators and guests is protected by eliminating risks and, where this is not possible, by minimizing risks, in relation to the knowledge acquired based on technological progress;


proactive commitment is pursued to comply with mandatory regulations and obligations, and with the needs of interested parties, through the planning of environmental objectives aimed at minimizing impacts and improving environmental performance (sustainability);


projects are developed with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) perspective.

Maximum collaboration is therefore required from all staff, so that this policy is assimilated, shared, disseminated and pursued at all company levels.



                                                                                                           Renata Callerio

                                                                                            Chief Executive Officer

Senago (Milano)  -  7 February 2024

Download Politica per la Qualità, l'Ambiente, Salute e Sicurezza (Italian)

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